Business Engineering

is an interdisciplinary academic approach focusing on the construction, coordination and management of complex businesses to support their transformation from industrial to digital enterprises. The main concept of business engineering is the holistic design of organisation, business processes and information technology as one homogeneous business system. Key objective is to create agile and flexible business solutions by reducing complexity, aligning strategy and operations as well as business and IT. In order to ensure the consistency and quality of business engineering, methodologies, models and tools are playing a key role.


is a business engineering methodology for design and engineering of comprehensive business architectures. Based on the concept of Viable System Model (Stafford Beer), C-ENS provides consistent engineering principles, business design patterns and transformation procedures that enable business engineers to design consistent and composable business architectures. The clear and consistent definition of business domains and components in conjunction with predefined, industry specific reference models, allows for rapid deployment of innovative and effective business solutions.

Innovative technology, changing customer behavior, new legal requirements: The ability to perceive, control and adapt to their environment while optimising the use of resources is becoming a key capability for companies.

AIP offers business engineering products that enable the construction of agile and flexible business solutions. Applying our C-ENS methodology, tools and reference models, our engineers will support the transformation process from analysis to deployment.