Applied Innovation Partner is an independent business engineering company focusing on the insurance industry. We design, engineer and plan open and composable business architectures to enable scalable and innovative business platforms

Innovation is the process of turning new business ideas and technology into operational capabilities. To identify those innovations that are relevant to your business objectives and to transform them into real business solutions is our main objective.

Innovation occurs where curiosity and persistence meet. Our drivers are openness to new ideas and the passion to continuously improve. By experience we know, that lateral thinking and breaking traditional stereotypes will lead to disruptive solutions.

Successful transformation comes of successful teamwork. Mutual trust, common goals and the assumption of responsibility forms the basis of partnership and collaboration.

Independent advice and a high level of credibility towards our customers are our main assets. Competency, objectivity and our high standards of quality make the difference.

Innovative ideas emerge all over the world. Maintaining our network of international partners, we think globally and act as mediators between markets.